Phil ScottPhil Scott is a mathematician, with postgraduate qualifications in management science and statistics.

He spent 30 years in the information technology industry, developing and marketing a wide range of software.

During this time, Phil also provided advice to the senior management of a number of larger organisations, including ANZ Banking Group, Caltex Oil, IBM, Telecom (NZ), AA Finance, and a number of smaller organisations.

On two occasions, he has taken control of an IT department for a year or so, until senior management understood how to run it.

Phil enjoys a strong family life, with three daughters, their husbands and the grandchildren.

In earlier years he enjoyed a wide range of sports, but has recently retired from squash, skiing and tennis. He now quietly toddles around the golf course, and says this serves to keep him humble.

Since 2002, Phil has been studying economics, with a view to helping his country become wealthier, instead of continually sinking down the wealth lists and eventually creating a poverty-stricken population of serfs.

This book is the result of this research.

During the last twelve years of his studies, Phil discovered much that is vital to your interests, but remains well hidden from view.

This book is designed to reveal the truth to you. You will then understand how wealth is created and kept. When all citizens can do this, the whole country will be wealthy.

This work owes much to the work of the Austrian economists, who concentrated on understanding how economics and reality relate to each other. What is true and what is not — and how you can tell the difference.

The world of paper money is now disintegrating, as countries large and small print up trillions of paper notes, and people suffer the consequences of a continual boom/bust cycle in the economy.

The big bankers get rich, and the rest of us get poor.

This cycle will continue, getting more extreme until the whole money system collapses.

You will either survive with your wealth intact, or you will lose it.

We hope to make you a winner.