9. Erewhon

Chapter9People desire freedom.

New nations have been formed from people overthrowing tyranny and setting up anew with plans for their ideal community.

We don’t seem to be able to make progress slowly and surely towards the ideal community.

(Mostly, I suspect, because we become slothful in the status quo. But also because we are unable to decide what a new ideal nation would look like.)

We in the West have created the Welfare State, which is partly run by the ideal of socialism, and partly by the pragmatism of crony capitalism.

The result is slow death by bank-created debt money.

If we stay with the status quo, we Western nations will end up being run by the very few rich trillionaires who control the world’s paper money, with a large very poor middle class, and a few desperately poor at the bottom.

This chapter is a look at a new ideal, which provides maximum freedom for all — but does require citizens to take personal responsibility for their actions.

This ideal will create maximum wealth, and the opportunity for all to keep the fruits of their own labour.

Do we need to wait until the old political system collapses before we rebuild society?

Or can we move gently in the correct direction?